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Cloning Equipment

TRS-5000 Evo - The Best Solution for Cloning Transponders

Constant investment in technology, research and innovation has enabled JMA to develop the most advanced transponder cloning technology on the market.

The TRS-5000 Evo is undoubtedly the simplest solution for duplicating Texas Keys to TPX1 transponders, Texas® Crypto transponders to TPX2 and Philips® Crypto 2nd Generation Transponders onto the TPX3/TPX4 transponder developed by JMA.

This system was developed with ease of use in mind, simply READ, COPY and you’re done.

Leading key and key-duplicating machine manufacturers, JMA are the only company that can combine copying and cloning of encrypted transponders including Texas® Crypto & Philips® Crypto using transponders they have developed themselves.

The advantages of using JMA's evolutionary technology include:

No electronic circuit - No batteries to replace
Reliable technology - Unlimited cloning life
Original shaped key heads - Smarter looking duplicate keys
Standard sized keys - More practical