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JMA Key Shells for Vehicles

JMA have launched a new range of key shells used for repairing existing vehicle remote keys. A catalogue of more than 90 references from popular car manufacturers and models is now available.

A wide selection of products allows the possibility of changing the whole Key Shell or only the damaged part (i.e. rubber button, blade, plastic head...). All the key shells have been designed according to OEM standards, which allows you to transfer the existing electronic circuity and transponder from the broken key in to a new shell.

Competitively priced & the range constantly increasing.

New JMA TPX5 Transponder


JMA has launched the new TPX5 clonable chip, which integrates TPX1 (TEXAS® FIJO), TPX2 (TEXAS® CRYPTO) & TPX4 (PHILIPS® CRYPTO) into one single transponder.

The TPX5 simplifies the duplication of keys for vehicles, and reduces stock requirements and storage space. TPX5 makes the simplest transponder system on the market even easier!

GLASS TAG transponders, from JMA, offer maximum reliability and guarantee in copying the original Transponder.

Clonable multiple times, and it incorporates the sniff function to capture the PHILIPS® data.

New JMA TPM1 Transponder


The GLASS TAG TPM1 transponder incorporates MEGAMOS CRYPTO (TP08) for Daewoo®, Chevrolet®, Kia® and Pontiac® brands.

This GLASS TAG transponder is clonable multiple times and is adapted to fit into JMA's range of TP00 keys with original look and shaped key heads.